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What are the 5 Basic Beliefs of Christianity?

At Awaken City Church, we desire to provide answers to some of the most common questions being asked about Christianity today. As a local Christian Church in Herriman, Utah, we gather together on Sundays to study the Bible and learn more about God's purposes and love for us. That said, we understand not everyone is ready and/or comfortable to come to church - which is totally okay! If you do decide to join us sometime in the future, feel free to check out our service details here - we hope to meet you sometime soon!

Christianity Beliefs

So what exactly do Christians believe? That's a great question. While we could easily write a 10,000 word essay about Christian beliefs, we decided to break it down to 5 basic, core beliefs all Christians hold to. Here we go!

#1 - God

Christians believe there is only one God. God has existed from the beginning of time. He created and sustains all things. God is omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) and omnipresent (all present). God is perfect, holy and good.

#2 - The Bible

We believe the primary way God has revealed himself to humanity is through His Word, the Bible. God spoke directly to and through people who then wrote and maintained the scriptures we find in the Bible today. The Bible is the primary means in which we come to understand God and His character. We realize you may have questions about the trustworthiness of the Bible - we recommend this more detailed article about Why You Can Trust Your Bible.

#3 - Jesus

Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God. He has existed from the very beginning with God; thus, he was not created, but the creator of everything. Christians believe Jesus is both fully-God and fully-human. He lived a perfect life during his ~33 years on earth and was crucified on a cross to forgive the sins of those who trust in him.

Jesus is the founder of Christianity and the Christian Church. He is the core of our worship, focus and teaching.

#4 - Sin

We believe that all people are separated from God through what the Bible refers to as sin. In short, sin is anything people do that is against God's good and perfect will. Sin creates the biggest problem in the entire world - the separation of people from their loving and holy God. HINT - don't stop reading here - time for #5!

#5 - Salvation Through Faith in Jesus

God was not okay with the separation that sin caused for each and every one of us; therefore, he sent Jesus to sacrifice himself and take on the just punishment that we deserve. Christians believe that trusting and accepting Jesus' free gift of forgiveness for us is the only way to reconcile our broken relationship with God. The second we believe, trust and commit to following Jesus, all of our sins are forgiven. This is the "good news", or Gospel message, that Christians are so thankful for and passionate about.


As followers of Jesus, we believe that each of these 5 core truths are the foundation of Christianity. Put another way, we would argue these are the hills Christians are willing to die on, as they are essential and critical themes found throughout the Bible. We hope this has been a helpful overview of the 5 basic beliefs of Christianity. We'll continue to answer some of the most common questions people are asking about Christianity in future blog articles. Until then!

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